WELCOME to Sisu Cat Studio’s site!

I am an abstract intuitive artist working in a variety of mediums. Most commonly used at this time are: acrylic, alcohol ink, and mixed media. I love to explore new techniques with anything I can get my hands on. The “rules” are not something I strongly adhere to. A large part of the journey is finding the methods that bring me the most release, and these are the ones I stick to. I have a big desire to add encaustics into my repertoire.

Art has become a huge source of healing for me following an accident resulting in disability (traumatic brain injury). It helps me uncover emotions and be more mindful, which has yielded some interesting creations and a better understanding of myself.

I am influenced by nature and modern life, color, movement, hope, and kindness. It is my goal that these themes come through in my finished works, blended up with wonder.

Most art is available for sale – contact me for more information if something specific is not on Etsy.